Excerpts - Graziella Martina - In viaggio con gli scrittori

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Organizing an Expedition. Outfit. Medicine. Surveying Instruments. Memoranda and Log-Books. Measurements. Climbing and Mountaineering. Cattle. Harness. Carriages. Swimming. Rafts and Boats. Fords and Bridges. Clothing. Bedding. Bivouac. Huts. Sleeping-Bags. Tents. Furniture. Fire. Food. Water for Drinking. Guns and Rifles. Guns-fittings and Ammunitions. Shooting (Hints for). Games, other means of capturing. Fishing. Signals. Bearings by Compass, Sun etc.. Marks by the way-side. Caches and Depots. Mechanical Appliances. Knots. Writing Materials. Timber. Metals. Leather. Cords, String and Thread. Membrane, Sinew and Horn. Pottery. Candles and Lamps.


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