Il mio apprendistato in cucina - Eng - Graziella Martina - In viaggio con gli scrittori

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My apprenticeship in
the kitchen
best recipes
Graziella Martina

Colette has written more than fifty novels and stories, whose main theme are the joys and pains of love, the behaviour and the sexuality of the women torn between bonds of love and personal freedom. Colette has been a free and open-minded woman, who has reached an important social status, she has been accepted by the Goncourt Academy and has been awarded with the 'Legion of Honour'. As well as being a great writer, she has been also a great gourmand, who has written about food in an extremely original language.
In this book, each chapter corresponds with a certain time of her life. Sido's kitchen filled her childhood with delights.

The hot Vienna sausages and omelettes made with lard have characterized the Music Hall period. During the war, the food rations have influenced what arrived on her table, but fortunately there were the petites fermières to send her the fresh products that she so loved. The last years have been brightened up by the refined recipes – amongst them the 'Hare'à la Royale' - from the restaurant 'Le Grand Véfour' on the ground floor of the 'Palais Royal' where she lived.

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