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The Unusual and Secret London
Past and Present on the
banks of the Thames
Graziella Martina

London is a chest full of hidden treasures and it is worth renouncing the places that make up the undisputed kingdom of the tourists, to go into the parts of the city that are less wellknown. The choice may fall upon a small museum dedicated to one particular theme (furniture, design, motorcycles, tea, coffee, clocks, fans, stamps, gardening, cinema, coins, photography...), upon the little-known fresco by Rubens at the Banqueting Hall, upon a historic pub that is more than three-hundred-years-old, upon the experimental lighthouse.. You can decide to go in that bookshop that is different from all the others, in that diverse and eccentric shop, in that chamber of Parliament where history took place, in that literary place filled with magic, in that medieval courtyard or to the spot where the mystic Coronation Stone is preserved from the coronations of Saxon kings.

London is a multicultural city that, amongst the many remarkable buildings, hosts a wonderful Hindu temple, the Swaminarayan.  Alternatively, one may choose to attend the Clowns' Church Service or to visit London's floating church created on-board a barge. Then there are the innumerable exhibitions, the music and film festivals, the open-air theatrical comedies. You can make an amphibious tour of the city; play a game of broomball, hockey played with a sort of broom; climb up the walls of a castle. The possibilities to spend an unforgettable and out of the ordinary holiday are endless. Nothing remains but to make the most of it!
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